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What’s Our Job? Getting Clear on Network Functions

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In this article, Curtis Ogden, Senior Associate with IISC, looks at the importance of differentiating between the functions of the network and the functions of its members. Often these are very different activities and roles. Understanding the differences can have large implications on the network’s growth…  

Operational Issues In Partnerships: Structure


As your mission partnership moves into operation, your group will need to consider how it will organize for effectiveness. Collaboration can be organized in many ways – from informal awareness of each other to highly structured initiatives with constitutions, membership, and significant budgets. Here are a few things to consider as you move forward…  

Networks & Partnerships

In a time when so much is being said about ‘networks’ and ‘partnerships,’ what do we really mean? Knowing what form of collaboration is most relevant to the challenge we are trying to address can be critical. Are partnerships and networks really the same? If they’re different, so what? The answer is that, no, they are not the same. And, yes, understanding their differences, their strengths and weaknesses, can have a real impact on what you do and how you do it, and can save time, energy, and frustration!

Characteristics of High-performance Ministry Networks

Breakthrough or Maintenance?

Networks have enormous, game changing potential. They can re-write the future. In an increasingly interconnected world they hey can help realize truly impossible dreams far beyond the capacity of any individual or organization. Yet many well intentioned networks never realize their potential. There are reasons for this. This short paper seeks to explore some of the keys that spell the difference between an ordinary and a high performance ‘breakthrough’ network.