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Trust in Loose and Tight Cultures

Climbing team

The ability to instill trust is a hallmark of successful global leaders. Cultural differences and perceptions of trust can make this difficult. This article shows how new trust-building behaviors can be developed when collaborating in cross- cultural situations…

The Need for Partnerships for Effective Ministry

ministry partnership

This article explores the “Fishers of Men” Bible story found in Luke 5:1-7. It highlights the vital role partnerships play in effective ministry and suggests lessons we can apply. The hope is that you will be inspired to seek out both new partners and strengthen existing partnerships so that your ministries will be effective….  

Principles for Network Thinking and Action

Network thinking

Author, Curtis Ogden, speaks to some of the shared values and principles that help networks amplify their impact or influence through what are called “Network Effects”. These are small actions and attitudes that collectively have a “multiplier effect”. In this article, discusses eight principles of network thinking and action that when practiced can result in effective, growing and vibrant networks. ..