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The 18th Camel

The 18th Camel

What does a network facilitator or partnership facilitator actually do? They are not “bosses” in the traditional sense. Nor are they mere administrators. No, a facilitator helps the entire group stay focused on their commonly shared goals and find productive ways to work together. Many times, groups get “stuck” in the “desert of creativity” – going around in circles without any clear path toward fruitful collaboration. It is the job of the neutral facilitator to help their groups find common ground and move forward together. This is sometimes difficult, but other times it is simply a matter of helping people see things from a different perspective. Here is a story that illustrates this well. It is a story about a camel…  

Tool: How To Give Advice The Right Way

Have you ever been frustrated when people ignore your advice? Or have you been frustrated when people in your organization, partnership, or network simply stop asking for your advice? In this video, productivity consultant Ed Muzio explains a four-step process for giving advice the right way. Using this approach will make it more likely that people will not only come to you for advice, but even more so that your advice will actually be helpful to them…  

The Pocket Guide to Partnership

The Pocket Guide to Partnership is a 2-page summary of the process and principles for developing effective missional partnerships. Drawn out of nearly 30 years of field experience around the world, the Guide outlines the 3 main stages and 15 key principles of partnership development…  

4 Keys To Keeping Network Leaders Moving

This collection of best practices addresses the leadership challenge of how to keep a growing network moving and its leaders engaged and fulfilling their commitments. Drawn from the Synergy Commons Peer Learning Cohorts, this document offers four key strategies and over 30 field-tested ideas network leaders can use in their own networks…   

The Formation Meeting

In this video, Clyde Taber shares a story about the formation meeting of the Visual Story Network, highlighting many of the best practices in partnership development: (1) considerable time invested up-front in building relationships and exploring interest, (2) a gathering of the key people who are interested/involved in the area for the purpose of exploring collaboration, (3) a defined process with open-ended outcomes (i.e., not assuming a partnership will be formed), (4) consensus-building, (5) defining priorities, (6) organizing for action with working groups, and (7) a dedicated facilitator.

The Critical Role of Partnership Facilitators

In this video story, Prem James talks about the importance of the facilitator’s role in a partnership as he shares the story of a ministry breakthrough among the high-caste Lingayat Hindus. In reflecting on his many years of experience working with ministry partnerships in India, Prem says: “Often people understand the word sponsorship more than the word partnership. It takes time for them to see the benefits of what partnership can do.”