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The Pocket Guide to Partnership

The Pocket Guide to Partnership is a 2-page summary of the process and principles for developing effective missional partnerships. Drawn out of nearly 30 years of field experience around the world, the Guide outlines the 3 main stages and 15 key principles of partnership development…  

Crossing the Line of Commitment

Cross the Line

A partnership always defines its own ground rules regarding participation. Typically ‘strong’ partnerships are based on very specific points of commonality among the participants and there are clear and reasonably costly participation requirements (those costs may be cash, resources, political, organizational, influence, personal loyalty and/or commitment, commitment of other tangible or intangible assets, or other obligations of participants).

Facilitating International Connections

In this video story, Jose de Dios talks about the partnership approach Wycliffe took toward their work in Latin America, and how they have begun to help facilitate international connections between the missions movement in Latin America and other parts of the world.