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Millennials in Mission: Engaging the Next Generation of Collaborative Leaders

The next Generation, Gen Y and Gen Z, are a new type of missionary. They are full of passion, ready to take risks, educated, and uniquely gifted. Unfortunately, misunderstandings frequently lead to Millennials being under-utilized. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of building and fostering the Millennial Generation…  

Synergy Commons Webinar: Releasing the Power of Your Network (Phill Butler)

In this webinar, Phill Butler gives five key network leadership principles that release the power of networks and their leadership teams to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Filled with practical stories and anecdotes, this webinar is an invaluable resource for network leaders looking to start or grow an effective network.  

4 Keys To Keeping Network Leaders Moving

This collection of best practices addresses the leadership challenge of how to keep a growing network moving and its leaders engaged and fulfilling their commitments. Drawn from the Synergy Commons Peer Learning Cohorts, this document offers four key strategies and over 30 field-tested ideas network leaders can use in their own networks…   

Are You a Network Owner or a Network Steward?

Servant Leader

Those who step into leadership of an interorganizational network or partnership assume a high task. Whether serving on a network’s council or steering committee or its leadership team, whatever the terminology, these leaders are called to help God’s people work together successfully!