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Preventing Collaborative Burnout: How to Manage the Stresses of Network Collaboration

In this webinar, Harry Hoffmann, WEA Global Member Care Network Coordinator, discusses the unique challenges and stresses of network leadership, and its cumulative, long-term effects on the well being of a network leader or leadership team. Harry also shares preventative steps leaders can use and introduces the Pyramid of Care, a model of care for both network leaders and members…  

Incurable Curiosity: Pay Attention Today to Plan for a Future You Can’t Control

Curiosity & Six Questions for Dealing with Uncertainty

This 60 minute webinar / workshop from HSD Institute discusses the power of questions and curiosity during times of change and uncertainty. In this presentation, Dr Glenda Eoyang shares six questions facilitators can use to help a group navigate and take appropriate action during times of change and uncertainty…