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Incurable Curiosity: Pay Attention Today to Plan for a Future You Can’t Control

Curiosity & Six Questions for Dealing with Uncertainty

This 60 minute webinar / workshop from HSD Institute discusses the power of questions and curiosity during times of change and uncertainty. In this presentation, Dr Glenda Eoyang shares six questions facilitators can use to help a group navigate and take appropriate action during times of change and uncertainty…  

Called to Collaborate – I am a Network Leader

Called to be a Network Leader

Dr. David Bennett is the Global Associate Director for Collaboration and Content with Lausanne and Managing Editor of the Lausanne Global Analysis team. David gave this 20 minute talk at the recent Synergy Summit 2017 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In this presentation, he encourages network leaders to see their role as a call from God and a strategic means of advancing the gospel.