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Synergy Commons Webinar: Collaborating to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel (Fouad Masri)

Can partnerships produce a lasting impact on the Muslim world? In this webinar, Fouad Masri, CEO of Crescent Project, discusses the challenges of leading in the midst of rising fear and anger towards Muslims and the power of partnership to overcome these challenges and reach Muslim Communities with the gospel.   

Synergy Commons Webinar: Releasing the Power of Your Network (Phill Butler)

In this webinar, Phill Butler gives five key network leadership principles that release the power of networks and their leadership teams to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Filled with practical stories and anecdotes, this webinar is an invaluable resource for network leaders looking to start or grow an effective network.  

Mining Your Network

In this webinar presentation, Lucas King outlines four essentials for increasing the level of engagement, contribution, and sharing within missional networks and partnerships…