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Tool – Network Communication EcoSystem

Communication ecosystem

One of the most critical support structures for networks is a well-thought-out communications ecosystem – a set of tools and platforms that enable everyone in the network to connect and collaborate directly with anyone else in the network. This communications ecosystem model helps networks evaluate and improve their communications…  

Tool: Network Consultation Report Template

It is extremely easy for members and leaders of networks and partnership to “recall” the content of a consultation or conference in widely diverging ways. visionSynergy recommends that network and partnership leadership create a Summary Report that can serve as a common data set, or shared referent, for all members. Below is a consultation summary report template that you can use to share key event decisions, details, and information with your members and stakeholders…  

Operational Issues In Partnerships: Communication

One of the key success factors in effective collaborative partnerships stems from the realization that there are more interests involved in the partnership than the partners themselves. Effective partnerships realize that the need for communication extends far beyond the leadership team or the wider group of partners. As a partnership grows, at least four groups of stakeholders, or constituencies, will need to be acknowledged…  

Honor and Shame 101

While honor-shame is the primary operating system for 80% of the world, it remains a significant blind spot in Western culture, theology, and missiology. It also has significant implications for leaders of cross-cultural teams. Watch this 5 minute animation explaining honor & shame for Christian ministry. 

Synergy Commons Webinar: Releasing the Power of Your Network (Phill Butler)

In this webinar, Phill Butler gives five key network leadership principles that release the power of networks and their leadership teams to accomplish the seemingly impossible task. Filled with practical stories and anecdotes, this webinar is an invaluable resource for network leaders looking to start or grow an effective network.