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A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission


This article by Phil Miglioratti asks what “Great Collaborations” might look like in light of the other “Greats” in the bible. “Could it be that The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities (GC + GC + GC) X GC = GC)?…

Creative vs. Transactional Collaboration

Running network

The nonprofit sector uses the word “collaboration” often, and in worshipful tones, but what happens in practice is usually more transactional than transformational. Understanding the differences between a transactional or cooperative network and a transformational or collaborative network is important. This article helps clarify these differences…  

Synergy Commons Webinar: Collaborating to Reach the Muslim World with the Gospel (Fouad Masri)

Can partnerships produce a lasting impact on the Muslim world? In this webinar, Fouad Masri, CEO of Crescent Project, discusses the challenges of leading in the midst of rising fear and anger towards Muslims and the power of partnership to overcome these challenges and reach Muslim Communities with the gospel.