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A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission


This article by Phil Miglioratti asks what “Great Collaborations” might look like in light of the other “Greats” in the bible. “Could it be that The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities (GC + GC + GC) X GC = GC)?…

Tool: Group Decision-Making: Nominal Group Technique

Nominal Group Technique is a group discussion and consensus decision-making process that ensures everyone is heard, the key issues discussed, the best solutions identified, and a fair, group-based decision is made. Networks use this technique when faced with a difficult decision, multiple viable solutions, or differences of opinion. It ensures everyone is heard and a part of the discussion.   

Three Questions Activity

This activity is a set of three questions designed to facilitate meaningful connections and increase engagement during the opening portion of a meeting or conference. It is an excellent network leader activity for annual or quarterly planning meetings when you want to help people reconnect with each other and the mission before plunging into the work at hand.   

Partnership Case Study: STEM (The Sub-Saharan Technology Evangelism Movement)

Case Study - STEM

The team at visionSynergy have put together a fictional case study on collaboration designed to show the step-by-step process and key principles of developing missional partnerships. While the story of STEM is fictional, the content and characters of the story are drawn from numerous real-world examples of grassroots partnerships. The story is set in the country of Nigeria, where the characters collaborate together over several years toward the goal of reaching Nigeria with the Gospel through Internet-based evangelism on a scale never seen before…