Agree or Disagree

Tool: Agree or Disagree About Collaboration

Author: Mark Holmgren | Source: Tamarack Institute


This tool will help groups develop a common understanding of one another’s perspectives on collaboration and can assist in making a case for collaboration that is rooted in participants’ ideas, observations, and values.

This is an excellent group activity to help network teams surface and discuss beliefs and values around collaboration.


Agree or Disagree About Collaboration Activity [PDF].

2 thoughts on “Tool: Agree or Disagree About Collaboration

  1. Jay B.

    Thanks much for sharing this collaboration tool. I really like the group discussion approach. I can see this tool being helpful in starting a dialogue with people about “WHY” collaboration is valuable. It seems like all of the suggested statements in the tool focus on various reasons WHY collaboration is beneficial. In theory, it would seem that if we’ve invited people to come together to join a collaborative network, that the people who are most likely to come are those who already believe in the value of collaboration. However, I would imagine that it’s rarely 100% of the people who come who actually feel or act that way. So this tool could very helpful in making sure up front that a group is all on the same page about the need for collaboration in the network.

    I’d love to see a part 2 of this tool that focuses on statements that describe principles on HOW to collaborate. That might be a very helpful next step for a new network, once they have agreed that they want to collaborate (as discussed in this current tool).

  2. Daniel Dow Post author

    Hi Jay,

    Thanks for the great suggestion for a Part II to the questions. Have to think about that idea. Maybe a questionnaire could be designed based on the Essential Guide to Effective Networks which is in essence a “How To” framework for networks.

    Our experience has been that people tend to come for many reasons and early on not all are sold on collaboration or networks as the way forward. This tool could used to facilitate that discussion and surface concerns. A side-benefit might even be that it builds trust by helping teams experience the common intent and values that the team shares.

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