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Partnering in China

Partnering in China Opportunities for ministry partnership with Christians in China are many, but these efforts at collaboration do not always end well. In this webinar we will examine the cultural and political challenges inherent in partnering in the Chinese context.  

Millennials in Mission: Engaging the Next Generation of Collaborative Leaders

The next Generation, Gen Y and Gen Z, are a new type of missionary. They are full of passion, ready to take risks, educated, and uniquely gifted. Unfortunately, misunderstandings frequently lead to Millennials being under-utilized. In this webinar, we will discuss the importance of building and fostering the Millennial Generation…  

Collaborative Mentoring: Growing Effective Collaborative Leaders

Mentoring collaboration leaders requires a collaborative style of mentoring that goes beyond sharing experience and advice. In this webinar, Tim Brown, Senior Advisor for visionSynergy, shares a partnership-based approach to mentoring collaborative leaders developed over 10 years of working with oral culture leaders to expand their collaboration capacity.