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The Critical Question

In this video story, Chip Sweney shares about the inspiration for the UNITE! Partnership, and what happened when churches in Atlanta began to ask the critical question: “Is there anything we could do better together?”

The Sore Feet Method

In this video story, Ernie Addicott tells about the founding of Viva Network and the thorough and deliberate process of one-to-one meetings that lays the foundation for all durable partnerships.

Personal Vision vs. Partnership Vision

Some people wrongly assume that a partnership facilitator should not have a strongly held personal vision. In this video story, Phill Butler argues that partnerships must be led by men and women with a strong commitment to a personal vision, without which it will be difficult to persevere through the challenges of building a partnership. “The problem,” Butler says, “is when you try to impose your vision on other people without their ownership.” The secret to powerful partnerships, Butler says, is to partner with others who have a general commitment to the same area, and then to ask: “Is there anything that we might do better together than if we work separately?”