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Operational Issues In Partnerships: Evaluation & Reporting

Evaluation & Reporting

The Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 9:26, “I do not run like someone running aimlessly; I do not fight like a boxer beating the air.” In the same way, effective mission partnerships do not “run aimlessly” or “beat the air”. They stay focused on turning talk into action as they work together to achieve their shared goals. One of the key attributes of an effective partnering initiative is the discipline of regular evaluation and reporting…  

Mobilizing Supporting and Working with Collaborative Mission Leaders

Collaborative Leaders

In July 2016, visionSynergy and Mark Avery co-facilitated a global online learning conversation on the Synergy Commons. The burst group focused on exploring the key characteristics of organizational and network collaboration leaders and how organizations could best support and work with these leaders and their gifts. A Burst Group Summary was produced to collect the key ideas that were shared over the course of 14 days by participants from around the world.

The Logical Framework

Logical Framework

Most missional networks and partnerships are formed around some shared vision for what the members hope to accomplish together. If you are like other network facilitators, then at one point or another, you have found yourself sitting down in a meeting with a group of others to draw up some kind of strategic plan for your network or partnership. But far too often, our strategic plans turn out to be quite vague about how exactly our planned activities will accomplish our big vision. If you want your plans to do more than collect dust, then you need to pay attention to the two most powerful words in strategic planning: If … Then … These two words are the heart of a simple but effective planning tool known as the Logical Framework…  

Perspective on Progress

Sometimes people working in partnership with others can become frustrated when it seems that after all the effort invested in the partnership, the group has accomplished only one or two major objectives. In this video, Phill Butler shares why it is important to keep perspective on progress, because partnership objectives – by nature – are greater than what any one organization can accomplish alone.

Building On God’s Work

In this video, Phill Butler shares a story to illustrate that partnership is really building on God’s work. While some are involved in “sowing” the seeds of the Gospel, and others are involved in “reaping” the harvest, God is really the one at work coordinating it all.


“It’s the celebration that keeps us going,” says Phill Butler in this video story which emphasizes the importance of acknowledging, sharing, and celebrating the progress your partnership makes in working together.