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Trust in Loose and Tight Cultures

Climbing team

The ability to instill trust is a hallmark of successful global leaders. Cultural differences and perceptions of trust can make this difficult. This article shows how new trust-building behaviors can be developed when collaborating in cross- cultural situations…

Smarter Grantmaking Playbook – Collaborate for Greater Impact

Collaborate for Greater Impact

In 2015, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) developed the Smarter GrantMaking Playbook. A particularly relevant section of the Playbook is the “Collaborate for Greater Impact” section. This section looks at how Grantmakers can effectively support collaborative efforts…

A New Equation for Collaboration in Mission


This article by Phil Miglioratti asks what “Great Collaborations” might look like in light of the other “Greats” in the bible. “Could it be that The Great Commission plus the Great Commandment added to a Great Commitment, multiplied by Great Collaborations results in Great Communities (GC + GC + GC) X GC = GC)?…