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TedX – A 2,000 Voice Virtual Choir

As inspiration, I want to share a TedX video by composer Eric Whitacre. In 2011, he created a global virtual choir. He shares the story and previewa his second project, a 2,000 voice choir…  

Preventing Collaborative Burnout: How to Manage the Stresses of Network Collaboration

In this webinar, Harry Hoffmann, WEA Global Member Care Network Coordinator, discusses the unique challenges and stresses of network leadership, and its cumulative, long-term effects on the well being of a network leader or leadership team. Harry also shares preventative steps leaders can use and introduces the Pyramid of Care, a model of care for both network leaders and members…  

Partnership in the Gospel

In his ebook, Partnership in the Gospel: Studies from the book of Philippians, Dr. Theodore Srinivasagam explores the theme of partnership with God, the Body of Christ, and Christian ministry as it is lived out and modeled by the Apostle Paul and the Early Church….